Summer Beach Tote

Need a fresh tote for the summer??  Here is an easy Summer Tote that is the perfect size for taking to the pool or the beach.

If you've never made a bag before, don't worry, It's easy, I promise.  I've taken a lot of pictures to help you along the way!  Want to make one??

Here's what you'll need:
  • 1/2 yard outdoor canvas, or home decorator weight fabric.
  • 2/3 yard lining. I used 100% cotton solid.
  • 1/4 yard fabric for handles, I used small wale corduroy. 
  • coordinating thread.
As a option, you can choose to omit the lining fabric, which just makes the bag a little thinner when finished and saves a little fabric cutting time.

Here's what to cut...

Okay, ready to start??

Next take your long piece and pin it, right sides together, to 3 sides of your square, matching the seams to the corners.

Stitch around the 3 sides with a slightly less than 1/4 in seam allowance.
Pin the other square to the other side of he long piece and stitch in place.

Now your ready to finish the top.

Press the corner seams to one side, do not press them open.

Don't forget to back stitch a few times at the top for added security.

Almost done!! Make the handles... these go quickly.

And that's it!! Trim your threads pack up your bag and head for some sun!!


  1. wow! that's an awesome tutorial. you've got me thinking. I saw this gorgeous fabric a couple of weeks ago, but it's too flowery for my husband's taste but this may just be the perfect compromise of how I can use it and still enjoy it. If I move forward I will likely emial you for some advice as the sewing machine and I are only recent and brief friends :)

  2. thanks for stopping by and for the lovely comments. I just love the fabric color and thanks for sharing the tutorial. Great one!

  3. thank you or this pattern . my bag is beautiful.